UNION & Hintegro – NODE Door Handle

Co-created Door handle by Hintegro X UNION

Hintegro and UNION, a homeware manufacturer in Japan co-created thefirst collaborated door handle set “NODE”. The handle set fuses creativities of Hong Kong designer and Japanese manufacturing craftsmanship. The product has been applied in Hintegro’s residential and commercial projects in Hong Kong, and is now available for order worldwide.

The product concept of “NODE” series grew from the commonalities of Hong Kong and Japan, being both an Asian destination that is cultivated by traditional Eastern aesthetics and values. With this framework, Hintegro team took “Bamboo” as the main design inspiration, as bamboo is also a metaphor of integrity, resistance, modesty and loyalty in traditional Eastern values; while in Japan, it is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. In addition to this, bamboo is a sustainable material that is widely used in architecture and design industry, all these constructed the design concept. Hintegro started to develop the idea and focused on the bamboo joint that is resemble to the shape a door handle for a detailed design. The “NODE” series is made of “Sand Casting” technique by UNION.

Awards /

Merit, Product Design, DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023 (Hong Kong)