Millennial’s Townhouse

Millennial’s Townhouse

Location /  Tai Po, Hong Kong
Project size /  3100 sq.ft
Year of completion /  2022

“We are both busy at work, and dream to come home feel carefree like holiday.” The millennial owner of the townhouse came to Hintegro with their wishes. Instead of going for a minimalistic direction that is seen in lots of other projects in the market, we curated a feeling of homely but resort-like aesthetics in this residential project.

The lady of the house is a Hermès collector, while her husband is passionate about supercars and skateboarding. Two dogs, a Welsh corgi and a Shiba inu are a big part of their lives, and in the middle of the design stage, the couple found out they were expecting, therefore, the house will need to be both pet- and child-friendly, as well as flexible enough for future changes.

By spending time with the couple since the first meeting, Hintegro understood they enjoy the craftsmanship and history behind the luxury products, but they are not showy, so the design will also need to reflect their personalities.

The design is surrounded by three philosophies – first, we applied affordable materials in luxurious executions, and focus on how the particular materials resonated with the owners and the house. Second, we preserved things that with significance to the family for example the railing on the stairs was preserved in a nod to the house’s history, instead of knocking everything down. Third, we incorporated local craftsmanship by working with local coppersmith and carpenter to create tailor-made furniture.

Apart from the overall aesthetics in walnut and beige, we go for a detailed execution to curate every corner of the house to make sure it is a place that is exclusive to the owners.

Awards /
Silver, Interior Design | Best Residential/ Single Home, A&D Awards 2023 (Hong Kong)
Silver, Best Enclosed Kitchen, Bosch | Home Journal Kitchen of the Year Awards 2023 (Hong Kong)
Bronze, Sky Design Award 2023 (Japan)


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Hypebeast, Tatler Asia, South China Morning Post, Home Journal and more…