Island East

Japanese Pad

Location  / Island East, Hong Kong
Project size  /  700 sq.ft
Year of completion  /  2021

The owner of the pad is a Chinese medicine practitioner who owns a Chinese medical clinic, who lives with his elderly mother.  As a Japanese culture enthusiast, the owner already has his sight set on turning his home into a Japanese-style retreat. So we incorporated some of the design elements made directly in Japan while making use of Japanese wood materials to add authenticity, for example the Naguri wood in entryway, Shoji in the foyer and Kumiko wooden decorations that are all made in Japan. The layout featured an interactive and semi-open kitchen for the passionate cook, and a Japanese onsen-inspired bathroom that is elderly-friendly.

Awards  /  
Excellence, Experience, Global Design Award 2021 (Hong Kong)

Featured by  /  
ELLE (Hong Kong)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Home Journal (Hong Kong)
and more.