NEX Inc.

NEX Inc. Hong Kong Headquarters

Location  /  Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong
Project size  /  1000 sq.ft
Year of completion  /   2022

Hintegro designed the Hong Kong headquarters for NEX Team Inc., a US-based startup with offices in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. Nex is a motion-based entertainment company that is transforming activity into play, its signature app products included Active Arcade and HomeCourt that is supported by Apple and NBA stars.

Particularly for the millennial team, we applied the concept of Japanese shoji to achieve a flexible layout of the space, in order to cater a multifunctional usage in different occasions. Whenever a private meeting is needed, the shoji could be closed for an intimate space; while an open space is needed for game testing, brainstorming sessions or product launch, the shoji could be opened for a large area. A playful touch is founded in the meeting room door handles with the three letters N, E & X to echo to the energetic tech start-up atmosphere.