In November of 2019, I met Keith through a furniture design studio, Litocc, and put my life’s most daunting project in his hands. For a year, we communicated millions of times on WhatsApp, and surprisingly became great friends with him and his team, which I am very grateful for, amid the 2019 dire Hong Kong situation. Just like I trusted him and his team’s abilities, they trusted me on doing online shopping for them on Farfetch!

I would like to thank Hintegro’s two designers, Sunny and Rebecca, for their creativity and professionalism, as they were able to make what I thought was impossible into reality, and do so to perfection. Contrary to popular stigma that Hong Kong’s youth aren’t as talented and competitive, or just outright lazy, these two young Hong Kong designers are prime examples of the opposite. Their talent, passion, and knowledge show our youth just need an opportunity, and they will take it and run far with it.

I would also like to thank Hintegro’s partner contractor, Tong and his team. He and his talented Si-fus executed Keith’s blueprints to perfection. I know they have experience building in Japan, and they definitely brought that Japanese’s attention-to-details to my home.

I got nothing to thank my new-found friends for putting my dream home together, but a feast at my favorite Japanese restaurant. It has been a memorable and incredible year for me and Hong Kong! Thank you Hintegro!