We are lucky to have Keith and Stephanie to design our new place.

It was a truly an amazing journey to witness a process from 0 to 100 two years ago. At our first meeting, we shared about all our likes and dislikes, lifestyle and our “weird” storage habits. All our needs were not in system or I can even call them contradicting. But Keith’s team was able to understand our expectations simply after a few chats, and the final product is beyond our imagination. Our friends who visited us can tell it’s a unique place for us with the leading tone of white and walnut. With interior designer’s professional skills, a good design with aesthetics touches also matched the lifestyle and characters of the owners.

It’s a pity that we didn’t ask them to re-arrange our new kitchen and washroom, otherwise the storage and design will be perfectly personalised and uplift the entire place.

Until today, when we sit at the living room with a big book shelf behind designed by Hintegro, or work from home in the study room, we are still in love with the calming, soothing and cosy vibes.