We had a fantastic experience with Hintegro’s inspiring founder Keith, the lead designer Sunny and the energetic team at Hintegro. We highly recommend Hintegro to anyone who is looking to realise their perfect home, and also because of the excellent handiwork by their contractors.

We were looking to create a warm welcoming home that would be a joy to live in, but also flexible enough to accommodate our changing family needs. Keith and Sunny really listened and we could openly exchange ideas and we felt we could rely on their experience to make informed decisions.

They expertly guided us through every step of the process, from the initial concept development, to material selection, hiring of contractors, on-site renovation, and to the final styling and furniture placement, and every step in-between.

Their help in curating the million options available, top-notch project management, on-time delivery and staying within the estimated budget (even after we made some changes during the process) was exceptional, and it was crucial to making the whole project so smooth and stress-free for us.

We’re incredibly proud of how our new home has turned out, and it really is a joy to live in. Thank you Keith, Sunny, Hintegro and Tong Cfu!