Thank you Keith and the Hintegro team for creating a place for our family with heart. The design and materials are creative and functional enough to fulfil all our needs. I still remember the first time you designed and renovated the first home of my sister and I, you intentionally spared more storage space for us, with flexible and convertible shelves and cabinets, as well as a cabinet with a mirror in the hallway. These were something that beyond our imagination and your team is truly thoughtful.

The team is attentive to all our needs with professional advice. At the second time you designed my new home, we see details in every corner – small things like suggesting a bedside lamp on the headboard, a switch near a book shelf, to building a movable stairs inside a 3-metre high fixed cabinets. The team also utilise the original space to maximise the storage and bring the natural light in, all these had made us a warm family pad.

As a client, we feel your passion in design when we knew that you had brought your team to Japan for an exchange tour. Your dedications to the team’s growth and development have made us extra confident in your design and build services. The design by Hintegro is like a collectable art piece, that is timeless to appreciate and functional to daily life.