“Design changes life”

“Design indeed changes life” (『設計真係可以改變生活』) – this was what Keith, founder of Hintegro said to me after I told him how happy my parents-in-law were after they had the first family dinner with my wife and I at our new home in Tai Po.

My wife and I first knew about Hintegro from one of their previous design projects in Hong Lok Yuen which is a Mediterranean style house.  I was absolutely stunned by the design, thoughts and execution of the project and I said to my wife “this is the designer we need for our town house in Tai Po”.

At our first meeting with Keith and Stephanie at Hintegro’s office, we told them how we visualise our life in the house and the general direction of the design – we want to feel like having a vacation whenever we are at our home and have a warm, welcoming space for our family life with our shiba and corgi.  We also need a revamp of the layout to better utilise the space of the house.  Not long after the meeting we have got the proposed layout and 3D graphics from Keith and Stephanie.  Our dogs are also in the 3Ds so we could immediately picture them running in the renovated house!  Hintegro is really good at understanding clients’ thoughts and materialising them into the design.

During the process of the renovation, we shared a piece of exciting news with Hintegro – my wife was pregnant and we would need to design a baby’s room (as the guest rooms of the house was originally planned to be bare shell. My wife and I were not let down as Keith and Stephanie responded quickly and came up with a colorful and comfortable nursery room with complete suggestions of furniture and accessories for the baby.

February 2022, my wife and I (and our unborn daughter) moved in to our lovely new home.  It is not a huge place – but it is designed towards our needs and future planning.  Before we moved in, I joked with my wife about how a living hell it would be to travel between the New Territories and Hong Kong Island every day to the office.  Now, I found out it is indeed a living hell with the traffic jam day and night.  Yet, thanks to Hintegro, I am now excited to go home every day after a day of work to see my family in our lovely place where we will build the rest of our lives.

“Design indeed changes life” – all you need is the right designer to do that for you, and Hintegro surely had a job well done for me and my family.