It was a “click” when I first saw Hintegro’s website one year ago. My husband gave me a list among Hong Kong interior company portfolios to choose one early morning and I noticed Hintegro right away by it’s neat and stylish website. Most amazingly, when I gave the company an enquiry call at 9am, I was already directed to the Boss- Keith Chan. In a short phone conversation, he clearly understood and showed keen attitude to follow up with me. Within 2 weeks, I was already sitting in Keith’s office with his designer, they were open and funny. In numerous meeting in their office at late night; even day and night WhatsApp group messages, they had handled and dealt with our needs and wants perfectly.

I am always happy and satisfied with our choice of designer company when I am sitting in my living room looking around every corners and detail works. They had the best Japanese design work “sense and taste”, which made it so much easier when a client tried to deliver the desire to have all the elements of Japanese style interiors in a small Hong Kong flat.

Keith has a very hard working co-working team, especially our designer of this project- Stephanie Ip. She is one of the young designer with the best characteristic- patient when listening; attentive with client’s crazy ideas; considerate for all parties. This has brought us a care-free designing journey. Keith, Stephanie and Sunny had given us a promising flat in a best accurate timing. The company has given me a strong feeling of intimacy within different cultural contexts in their best professionalism.

Grateful to have known Hintegro and Tong, they had performed so well (also followed up our finished project with continuously great help). Those 6 months were totally a happy home building experience for us. We were really lucked out to put our first home as a married couple in your hands!