It was 2009 when we first met Keith, and Hintegro was still in its early days. After meeting up with him, my husband and I decided to have Keith design our first dream home. Keith did an exceptional job designing our home and gave me the British Vintage style that I longed for amid the relatively cramped apartment. Keith knew what I wanted and designed a home that would tell people I lived there without me saying a word, and that was what everyone said when they visited me. The place was screaming me; telling my stories. I’m still in love with our first dream home.

Fast forward 10 years, Hintegro has expanded and we have become a family of three. We moved to a better school district for our daughter and with no second thoughts, we asked Keith to design our new home. This time we wanted our home to be timeless but we gave very vague directions, but somehow Keith worked his magic and designed a home just the way we wanted.

Keith and his team were very patient with our daughter when she wanted to give input on her room. The team balanced between a child’s fantasy and practicality of her wishes. Our daughter had a blast designing her room, and we, as parents, were even more excited to see how happy she was doing it.

I love cooking so I pay lots of attention on the kitchen design. I wanted a Japanese style kitchen with tons of storage and countertop area, while my husband wanted patterned tiles at the foyer which was right by the semi-open kitchen. Keith was able make this weird combination work in his designs and this area became one of our favourite spots in the flat.

A cozy home has to aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time, we are so fortunate to have found Keith and Hintegro design two of these homes for us. Thank you!