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cupping room @APM

We are appointed  by a local coffee brand Cupping Room to design its new shop at APM, Kwun Tong. The new shop is divided into two spaces – Cupping Room café at the front, and French bistro Bistro Le Parisien at the back. Hintegro applies minimalism with fine details to realise a bright and calming café experience; while in the Bistro, Hintegro extends the wood colour from the café and picks the leather furniture set in blue to create a strong contrast of cool and warm tones between the two areas.

We incorporates stainless steel and oak wood in the café design. As a sustainable material that is able to be 100% recycled, stainless steel is also an echo to the history of Kwun Tong district – a transformation from an industrial area to a vibrant commercial center. Pairing with oak wood, the natural and humble combination creates a space for customer to relax amid the hustle and bustle.

district: apm, kwun tong
area: 1,695 sqft
photo credit: keith chan